Capstone Sculpture - Carleen

Capstone Sculpture – Carleen

I’m posting an older piece of mine here on a ‘fan’ request, this is image 3 of 3 showing my capstone show. This is the sculpture that accompanied the portrait I’ve posted. This sculpture is about 10″ inches high and is made from terra-cotta clay. The clay is a strong body and holds up nice for making hollow type sculptures like this. The figure is constructed from slab rolled clay. I take flat pieces of clay, and cut rectangles of specific sizes out of the clay, then roll them to make tube forms and assemble a figure. I played with several different forms, some more whimsical and some less defined, but I settled on this style for each of the five pieces of the original series.

EXIF information
model Canon EOS 20D
exposureTime 1/20 s
fnumber f/11.0
isoEquiv 200
flashUsed No
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