Cigar Box, Contemplating Sentencing

Cigar Box, Contemplating Sentencing

I got this cigar box from my new job, and there was a large label on the front that didn’t like. Me: “I’ll scrape it off with Goo Gone!”. Well, I got some of the label off, and some of the nice black finish too. I decided that I needed to cover up this blight with something cool. Warning, incoming art. The piece on the front is a photograph of a wood-cut that I made in printmaking at Elmhurst College. It’s a multi-panel piece, meaning I used 4 different pieces of wood, each with different colors on them to create this print. The process isn’t that easy – you’ve got to plan out the print before you start and figure out what parts of the image are going on which panel, and what parts of each panel you have clear away for the pieces on the other panels. Even explaining it is confusing. Anyways, the finished piece is a color wood-cut about 20×24 inches and is titled Contemplating Sentencing. I had photographed it with a Canon 20D while at college, so I already had a high quality digital file. I used some contact cement to attach the photograph and then some used some spray fix to coat it. What you see here is the result of that. It’s a nifty personalized cigar box. I like.

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