Other, stranger ideas

Other, stranger ideas

I said last time that I had a different idea for the Capstone project, well here it goes. This one involves more a focus on metals and welding. Which reminds me of something…

Something I had intended on learning in my Intermediate sculpture class was welding. I asked my professor, Mary Lou Stewart about the possibility and she encouraged me. This is cool, welding is something I’ve wanted to learn for a while now and the opportunity to pick it up as part of this class sounded great. My professor tells me that one of the guys in the maintenance, Wade is a ‘union wielder’ and he likes helping out with teaching once in a while. That’s cool with me, the more expirence someone has in a field the better.

Well, he didn’t return the voice mail that she left…not sure if he just was too busy this semester or working nights. So the professor was supposed to teach me instead, but she was busy at first and then felt like it was too far into the semester to really get into it. Kind of disappointing, but I think she was right. So in the end I didn’t get to learn welding after all.

I had been anticipating graduating in one year from this point, as I made mention to in my previous post. That ended up not working out because of one class I need to take that isn’t being offered again till Spring 07. That only pushed off my anticipated graduation date by 6 months, and probably works out better for entering graduate school, but it’s still a little disappointing However, this does make the remainder of my time a college a little more relaxing. I only have to take three classes each semester. Which brings me back to welding.

Because of this idea I had for my capstone project, and because I just want to learn, I asked my professor if we could set up those welding lessons sometime. She thought that could easily be worked out, and said I could do it this semester or next. I figure if I set up an independent study with the professor, it will put more structure around the idea and help insure that it happens. I just can’t decide if I should take the course this semester (spring 06) or next. I already picked up a class at the local Community College – College of Dupage in photography, so I’m not sure I should add anything else on for this semester – but I want to learn welding.

I figured it would be a good idea to take a photography course with a different professor in a different darkroom. That’s one of the draw backs of this college, there is only one Photography professor. That’s why I want to take this course at the college of Dupage, it will be my first college level experience with an other photography class and an other darkroom setup. Since I’ve already signed up and payed for that course – Portrait Photography, I’ve got to decided if I also want to pick up welding this semester. The photo class will start 2 weeks before my regular classes start,
so I’ll have a bit of a change to see what kind of a work load it represents. We’ll see.

Any who, as I was saying before I have this other idea for my capstone course – Rather than physically incorporating the photography into the sculpture I would take a picture of a ‘model’ and then form the sculpture in their likeness. The portrait would hang on the wall behind the sculpture. I would still stick with the style of my figure in clay, they would just reflect the person in the portrait. Does that make sense? I’ve had a bit of trouble clearly explaining this to both my wife and Sculpture professor.

So, I take this portrait of someone like my mother, standing in a minister’s Robe. I’d probably use a 4×5 view-camera, and take a nice color and black&white photograph. Now that I have this photograph, I’d make a print of it – at this point just an 8×10 for reference. In the end I’m envisioning something 16×20 or bigger. Now, working from my photograph I’ll make one of my figure modeled after her. So this sculpture is going to obviously be apart of the same series I’ve been working in, and at the same time be recognizable as the person in the picture. Does that make more sense?

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